Project UnLonely Films Season 7

Welcome to Project UnLonely Films Season 7!

Here, you’ll find a collection of 30 powerful short films that bring diverse perspectives on loneliness. We invite you to watch, share, and discuss this curated collection as an unlonely step towards connection.

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 This year’s collection of films focus on themes across five overlapping “Territories of Loneliness.” Our experiences with Trauma, Aging, Illness, Difference, and Modernity shape our sense of belonging in the world. When we find ways to connect with ourselves and others, we find strength in the face of challenging circumstances.

Learn more about the territories below, and explore the films that bring these diverse experiences to life.


Trauma can lead us to self-isolate and create a smaller world for ourselves in an effort to protect our mind and body. These films showcase the resilience and healing of survivors, through stories of connection.


Physical or mental illness can isolate us and make it harder  to relate to others. Stories about navigating illness inspire compassion and understanding by normalizing a common human experience.


Getting older can have many positive benefits, but it can also lead to challenges, including feelings of loneliness. In these short films, people are finding unique ways to connect with themselves and others as they age.


The experience of feeling different, of not belonging, of not being part of a group– can lead to loneliness. The characters in these films are searching for a sense of belonging, finding their community, or discovering ways to connect to their identity. 


Our world is at once highly-connected and uniquely disconnected. The films in this category explore the ways we interact with one another– and find community– in our modern world.

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About Project UnLonely

In response to the growing public health concern of social isolation and loneliness, the Foundation for Art & Healing launched Project UnLonely in 2016. This signature initiative is focused on creating awareness of how prevalent the issue is, helping to reduce the stigma associated with it, and offering creative solutions for connecting with others.  One of our most popular channels for doing this is Project UnLonely Films. With over 100 films available for free viewing year-round, we help the public empathize with themselves and others by sharing diverse perspectives and situations. Through these resonant, evocative videos we are able to raise awareness of loneliness, increase understanding of the challenges it presents, and remind viewers that they are not alone.  

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