What We Do

Community Programs

The Foundation for Art & Healing develops evidence-based programs that utilize the creative arts as an effective and sustainable tool for addressing health concerns. We work directly with communities and partnering organizations to customize our suite of programs to improve their community’s well-being.

Community First Approach

We believe that one of the most effective ways for the arts to improve health outcomes is to work with community organizations and stakeholders who can develop our proven programs to affect direct change in their communities. By working at individual, community, and national levels, we help community leaders apply best-practices in neighborhoods across the country.


Creativity Circle

The Creativity Circle program promotes social connection through a series of fun and fulfilling arts-based group sessions. Through storytelling and creative expression, this program builds confidence, fosters social connection, and encourages pro-health behavior changes.

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Reflect & Connect

To help older adults who may not have access to video technology or Wifi overcome social isolation, the Reflect & Connect Calls program which uses telephone calls to help spark conversations about creativity and connection to address issues such as resilience and memory.

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Front Row

We provide organizations with customized content suites of our UnLonely Film Festival short films to help them create awareness of loneliness, reduce the associated stigma, and promoting creative expression as a way to communicate and connect.

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Film Screening Series

This program invites participants, either virtual or in-person, to join others in watching an empowering short film from the UnLonely Film Festival and engage in a thoughtful discussion and creative activity.

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Impact Events

Impact Events raise awareness of the loneliness epidemic as a public health issue and promote ways in which creative expression can be an effective solution and a catalyst for social connection.

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Story Fest

StoryFest is a friendly filmmaking competition that encourages novices and practiced filmmakers alike to share their own stories via a 2-minute video.

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Our programs are designed to benefit the individual participant, the group as a whole, and our partnering organization’s ability to improve community health. Although our programs use creative expression and some incorporate supportive group models, they are not a form of clinical therapy or art classes.