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Project UnLonely 

In response to the growing public health concern of social isolation and loneliness, the Foundation for Art & Healing launched Project UnLonely in 2016. The goal of this initiative is to broaden public awareness of the negative physical and mental health consequences of loneliness, which burdens a wide range of living conditions and circumstances. This national campaign raises awareness of the loneliness epidemic and empowers people and communities to connect with each other through the arts.  

To address the most urgent needs and areas with greatest potential impact, Project UnLonely has several domains to focus upon specific vulnerable population groups – including older adults, college students, employees, and individuals with marginalized identities.

Aging UnLonely

Millions of older adults struggle with isolation and feelings of loneliness. To improve well-being for older adults facing critical health vulnerabilities associated with loneliness, we enable partners to use the arts as an accessible and effective public health solution.

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Campus UnLonely

Young people ages 18 to 22, are significantly more likely to be lonely than any other generation in the U.S. We support higher-education institutions and students by offering creative expression programs that can inspire and improve health and academic performance.

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Community UnLonely

The loneliness epidemic affects everyone. In particular, it creates significant barriers for population groups such as caregivers, immigrants, LGBTQIA youth, and veterans. We help communities pull together and strengthen social connections through a suite of program opportunities.

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Workplace UnLonely

Many employees are feeling an overwhelming sense of isolation from working remotely or from losing their traditional networks of support at work. We assist businesses in managing and preventing loneliness through innovative and effective programming.

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UnLonely Film Festival

Our annual UnLonely Film Festival celebrates the power of storytelling in film. Every year since 2016, we have curated a series of award-winning short films that give voice to the loneliness epidemic and represent the many lived experiences with isolation.

With over 100 films available for free viewing year-round, we help the public empathize with themselves and others by sharing diverse perspectives and situations. Through these resonant, evocative videos we are able to raise awareness of loneliness, increase understanding of the challenges it presents, and remind viewers that they are not alone.

“We created Project UnLonely to help reduce the stigma and burden of loneliness by encouraging people to tap into outlets for creative expression. Today, it is more timely than ever as people around the world struggle with the impact of social isolation. We hope the UnLonely Film Festival offers viewers an opportunity to learn, laugh, cry, smile, and, most importantly, connect.”  – Dr. Jeremy Nobel, Founder & President of the Foundation for Art & Healing

The next UnLonely Film Festival is coming in 2023!

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