UnLonely Impact Events

Powerful gatherings designed specifically to address your community’s unique challenges.

Discovering that “Ah Ha” Moment of Connection

Why Feeling Connected Is More Important than Ever

Isolation and loneliness are among today’s most urgent public health crises. Almost half of US adults are often or frequently lonely, producing for some a 30% increased risk of early death—on par with smoking 15 cigarettes per day! Loneliness and social isolation also lead to significant mental health issues such as depression, substance abuse, and suicide, making it timely for you to mount an effective response.

Partnering with a variety of stakeholders, our signature initiative, the UnLonely Project, drives awareness of the growing prevalence and toxicity of loneliness; reduces the stigma associated with it; and offers solutions for connecting with others through creative expression, mindfulness, and social learning.

It Takes a Village

Our UnLonely Impact Events bring attention to the unique issues of loneliness within your community and offer innovative ways to engage in supportive activities, both for themselves and those around them.

The programming is tailored for your specific group using evidence-based, researched-back methodologies. These include:

  • Screenings of powerful, relevant stories from our  UnLonely Film Festival
  • Expert panel discussion
  • Interactive creative activities
  • Open dialog and questions
  • Suggested strategies for moving forward beyond the event

Again and again, we’ve seen these events shine a light on loneliness; helping to reduce the stigma, start a conversation, and even foster friendship among participants. Read about the UnLonely Impact Event we produced in partnership with the School of Art Institute of Chicago at the Gene Siskel Film Center.

You Are the Change Agent

By hosting an UnLonely Impact Event (which can be planned and executed within a short time-frame), you are taking the first step in spotlighting the issues and illustrating the power individuals have to change their perspective. Others have used these Events to plant a stake around which to initiate or accelerate programs for ongoing support. You’ll see how engaged and grateful your group will be for taking this important first step, as it positions your organization as a thought-leader and change maker in addressing loneliness.

Want to Learn More?

Let’s walk through how we can work together to bring an UnLonely Impact Event to your community. Contact our program director, Jennifer Weiss, for more info: [email protected]

“It was a genuine delight for the SAIC Wellness Center to host an UnLonely Impact Event at the Gene Siskel Theater. The beautiful films, sophisticated responses of the distinguished, expert panel, and engaged reactions and questions from the audience combined to accomplish our hoped-for goal: A meaningful sense of connection for all who came together for this shared experience.”

Joseph Behen

Executive Director, Counseling, Health, and Disability Services, School of Art Institute of Chicago

The Foundation for Art & Healing