Creativity Circle

The Creativity Circle program promotes social connection through a series of fun and fulfilling arts-based group sessions that are tailored to benefit multiple audiences. Every session is structured around three components: creative expression, mindfulness, and social and emotional learning. All of the creative activities are geared towards exploration and are designed to be empowering and accessible for a wide variety of levels and abilities. By using storytelling and creative expression, this multi-session program builds participants’ confidence, fosters rewarding relationships, and encourages enduring pro-health behavior changes. It also highlights routines and strategies to disrupt loneliness as a “learned ability” that, like other learned skills, can be used to guide future behaviors.


Creativity Circle

The Creativity Circle program promotes social connection through a series of fun and fulfilling arts-based group sessions. By using storytelling and creative expression, this program builds participants’ confidence, forms rewarding relationships for participants, and encourages enduring pro-health behavior changes.


Founded upon a research-based methodology, these sessions are carefully tailored to a variety of populations – from older adults to college students – to create unique experiences that address participants’ specific needs and align with partner organizations’ goals. All of FAH programs are structured around three key components: 

Creative Expression

Interactive art programs provide positive physiological and psychological health benefits by fostering a deeper connection with oneself and others.


We use a variety of high-impact activities to help individuals better manage stress and develop pro-health routines.

Social-Emotional learning

We rely on group discussion and self-reflection to help participants foster a stronger sense of connection to themselves and others. 



Across all programs, The Foundation for Art & Healing equips community-based organizations with a set of resources and materials to support implementation in their communities.

Comprehensive Planning Framework

Detailed guidelines offer partner organizations the support and flexibility to meet their community’s needs.

Facilitator Trainings

We offer tools, tutorials, and strategies to partner organizations so their staff and community members can help shape and guide the program’s successful implementation.

Promotion and Communications Materials

The Foundation for Art & Healing offers strategies to recruit participants and publicize the program with the wider community.

Pre- and Post- Evaluation

We measure impact by collecting participants’ feedback to gauge programs’ success in meeting partner organizations’ objectives and goals.  


“I hope it is available to seniors in communities around our country. Our leader did a wonderful job! She was so skilled in bringing out conversations, presenting questions, doing art projects. I hope we can continue this group in some way after the course is over.” – Donna, 82

“It’s life-saving. I have to admit to you, sometimes I feel it’s not worth living, because there’s too many problems and it’s so overwhelming. But when you have some drawing and pleasure and fun, and you’re doing your passion, you can live. You have something to look forward to.” – Peggy, 70 

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