Front Row

   Front Row gives your organization access to your own private web-based platform- a “theater”- that we create just for you with a curated selection of short films from our UnLonely Film collection.  We work with you to customize the platform, ensuring that it is aligned with your mission and based on your priorities.

Front Row is an innovative approach to addressing loneliness and its many negative mental and physical health consequences. With powerful short films that will resonate with viewers in your organization, Front Row can be easily delivered by non-professionals virtually or in-person. It’s self-serve!  The program includes all the tools you need to implement it in groups throughout your organization including how-to guides, discussion prompts, and video explainer materials.

Why Front Row?

What’s Included?

How Does It Work?

Our Film Catalog

Film Connects Us

Engagement in the arts reduces stress and burnout, fosters community, and helps people better understand themselves and others. By using the storytelling power of film, Front Row draws viewers in emotionally and creates a deeper understanding and awareness of loneliness. Viewing a film in a group, and then having a conversation, creates the opportunity for genuine connection. 

Front Row is a simple, easy-to-implement program that helps you bring the power of the arts to your community, workplace, or campus!

What’s Included?

We partner with you to build your own Front Row.  Front Row is a web-based theater platform designed specifically for your organization, that can be accessed from anywhere. It includes:

          • A curated selection of 9-15 short films from our UnLonely Film Festival based on what matters to you.
          • For each film: Discussion prompts,  brief explainer videos that spark curiosity and conversation, and filmmaker behind-the-scene insights.
          • A “how-to” guide for hosting a group film viewing and fostering conversations after the film.
          • Measurement tools to help you understand the impact of Front Row in your organization.


How Does It Work?

Front Row is designed as a scalable program, accessible on a user-friendly platform that can be used by anyone in your organization.

Front Row can be used in many ways! Here are some examples: 

  • A Resident Advisor is looking for weekly programming for students on their floor– they could use Front Row to have everything they need to host a screening and discussion!
  • A Nurse Manager wants their team to connect and reflect after a grand rounds presentation, so they choose a short film and invite staff to share their reactions.
  • An HR director is welcoming a new cohort of hires, and wants to introduce an important theme. They could share a related film and have a conversation- virtually or in person!

Our Film Catalog

Each year, our UnLonely Film Festival showcases nearly 40 short, powerful films that explore themes of loneliness, connection, and belonging from diverse perspectives. A selection from this growing collection of over 200 films is available all year round, 24/7, to stream on our website, so anyone can tune in!

For each Front Row program, we carefully select films from previous UnLonely Film Festival seasons based on what matters most to you. Contact us today to get the conversation started!

We’re in this together


The Foundation for Art & Healing develops innovative programs that ignite the power of creativity, the imagination, and the arts to improve health and well-being in individuals and communities. Our evidence-informed approaches are based upon the science of creativity, and have demonstrated that the arts are transformational in engaging our hearts and our minds, elevating empathy, compassion, and connection to oneself and others. 

Creative expression has the power to improve well-being by helping us understand ourselves, shifting perspectives, and reinforcing positive behaviors. Physiologically, making art has dramatic effects on our bodies: reducing blood pressure, bolstering our immune system, improving brain cognition, and fighting inflammation.


Front Row is not intended to replace medical or psycho-social treatment by licensed professionals and is not recommended for those in crisis. Please reach out to your community mental health resources, or go to a local crisis center or emergency room if you are experiencing a mental health emergency.

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