Senior Fellows

Meet our distinguished Senior Fellows. This exclusive cadre of luminaries are united by a common purpose: to propel the transformative mission of improving personal and public health through art, artmaking, and creative expression. Their collective commitment to leveraging the arts for healing has created a ripple effect, touching lives and fostering wellbeing on a global scale.

Renée Fleming

Highly regarded American soprano; Recipient of the National Medal of Arts; Winner of five Grammy Awards, and tireless arts advocate

Edward Hirsch, PhD

President of the Guggenheim Foundation, and MacArthur Award-winning poet


Julianne Holt-Lunstad, PhD

Professor of psychology and neuroscience and director of the Social Connection & Health Lab at Brigham Young University

Charles Marmar, MD

Chairman, Department of Psychiatry NYU Langone Medical Center, Director PTSD Research Program

Lisa Marsh Ryerson

University Provost and President-elect, SNHU; past President AARP Foundation

Mike Paseornek

Mike Paseornek

Independent film producer and former President of Productions at Lions Gate Films 

David Shulkin

Healthcare entrepreneur; former CEO of Beth Israel Medical Center; former Secretary of Veterans Affairs

Michelle Williams, SM, ScD

Professor of Epidemiology and former Dean of the Faculty, Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health

John Zweig

Chairman at Neuro-Insight and former Group CEO of WPP, the largest marketing services company in the world

Robbie McCauley

1942 – 2021
Award-winning playwright, director, performer, professor, and FAH Senior Fellow. Learn more about Robbie’s legacy to FAH and the world in this video.

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