Season 7 Award Winners

Award: Most Powerful Storytelling

This award goes to the film that stopped us in our tracks and drew us in completely. We look for a compelling premise with characters that help us understand the world around us better than before. This award goes to the film that we think of first when we think, “Season 7 Films.”


James Kautz

Award: Celebrating Difference

This is the film that most expands our thinking about what it means to be different. When a film can illustrate how someone is different while also instilling a sense of empathy in the viewer, then that’s a film worthy of the Celebrating Difference award.


Steven Fraser

Award: Inspiring Connection

This is the film that speaks to the heart about what meaningful connection looks like and feels like. Whether the film makes a person feel gratitude for the connections they have, or a film that inspires a person to seek out the connections they need, a viewer is left inspired and uplifted.

Into the Circle

Scott Faris and Meg Griffiths

Honorable Mentions

We can’t give awards to every worthy film, but we can recognize those that we found remarkable. And we think you’d find them remarkable, too.

A Ghost Story

Melissa Bruning


Maya Armon

On the Ride

Jen McGowan

Pier 35

Raina Yang


Lisa Cole

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