Project UnLonely Films Season 7

The Lonely Orbit

Frederic Siegel & Benjamin Morard

Leaving for his dream job, a satellite technician keeps solitude at bay by constantly texting with his old friends. After neglecting his duties, a satellite leaves its orbit which causes the world’s network to collapse.

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Meet the Filmmaker

What is their why?

Frederic Siegel is a Swiss animation director, visual artist, and member of the Zurich-based creative collective “Team Tumult”. In addition to expressing his own artistic views in personal short films, illustrations, and music, he’s also teaching animation basics and producing commissioned work and music videos. He graduated in 2015 from the Lucerne School of Art & Design with the film Ruben Leaves, which won several awards, including the Swiss Film Award for the best graduation film.

Benjamin Morard is a Zurich-based director, animator, and story artist. After graduating from the Lucerne School of Art & Design, he co-founded the creative collective “Team Tumult” where he creates commissioned animations and directs short films. His biggest passion, however, is storyboarding for entertaining visual projects.

“The idea for ‘The Lonely Orbit’ developed in my head a few years after I graduated from Lucerne School of Art & Design. I suddenly realized how hard it is to keep friendships alive over a distance. After being together almost every day during our studies, most of our communication now shifted into the digital realm. And somehow this made me feel like a satellite; being constantly connected in a virtual sense but actually separated over a huge distance. I’m floating in an orbit around my friends, who are holding me close with their gravitational pull.”

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