Project UnLonely Films Season 7

Life in the Between

Siara-Lauren Brown

Sarruh, a six-year-old in biracial limbo, looks to her father and sisters to piece together where she belongs in the U.S.

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Meet the Filmmaker

What is their why?

Siara-Lauren Brown (they/she) is a queer and biracial filmmaker from South Florida. Siara-Lauren’s stories and voice combine narrative with experimental, dynamic expression, and visual poetry. When they are not writing, they are finding every art and food fusion place New York has to offer.

‘Life in the Between’ was created because I wanted to be the person I needed when I was younger. It was very confusing to have so many questions about my identity at such a young age and to see my siblings have drastically different experiences. Reading interviews and research about the different biracial identities that exist in the U.S. as well as some inspiration from my own life made making the story such a cathartic experience. I made this film for anyone that has ever felt like an outsider.


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How can schools better foster an environment of acceptance and inclusion, without preconceived notions of different cultures and individuals? What prejudices do you still hold, and what steps can you take to alter your perspective?

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  1. Melody h'Art-Shaughnessy

    I have been struggling with all the issues raised in this brief film all my life. . . . and in retrospect now realize how much our inherited prejudices relative to skin color contribute to our present loneliness and isolation. Thank U for making the obvious need for a change of perspective so “in our faces”.


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