UnLonely Film Festival 6

Sticks and Stones

A man sorts through the debris of his childhood, seeking help to untangle the differences between his own anxiety and depression, and the impact of toxic masculinity.

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Meet the Filmmaker

What is their why?

“I’ve worked with Bill Doan on other projects about his struggles with anxiety and depression but this was the first one in which we zeroed in on his childhood and the ways in which toxic masculinity clouded his path towards understanding his own mental health. The first iteration of this story was in the form of a solo performance Bill wrote in 2021 called, Man Up. When I saw the performance, I realized the importance of widening the circle of conversation around the effects of toxic masculinity on children with anxiety and depression. The story about a small child learning to walk through this world with so much shame and loneliness broke my heart and spoke to aspects of my own childhood. I loved the idea of flipping these archetypal relationships on their head and elevating the voice of the victim. We need to hear more stories about overcoming obstacles that stunt our potential. Bill’s story is about a man who finds his truth through creative practice and learns to nurture himself through the act of drawing. I’d like to believe that being true to who we are will help set us free and become better advocates for ourselves and others. This is a positive message we can all take away from.”

CYNTHIA WHITE is a documentary filmmaker whose projects have broadcast on television, at film and arts festivals, and at conferences around the world. Cynthia’s work aims to further the understanding of, and create dialogues about, the intersection of art and science. Her work includes teaching courses about digital media, community health and social justice.

ALEXANDER WHITE received his BFA from Bard College in sculpture, animation and drawing. He has exhibited his drawings and animated films in New York, London, Barcelona and Los Angeles. Film and animation festivals include Atlanta Film Festival; Slamdance Film Festival; New York Independent Film Festival and Art Forum, Berlin. Alexander currently lives and works in Geneva, Switzerland


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What outlets have you found in your life to help reconcile with the most difficult moments of your past?

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  1. Anonymous

    Tell my friends how I truly feel, share my wounds and struggles help to resist the dark force of the past. However, when the present relationship repeats the past, it gets harder. I am turning to professional counselling for help.


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