Jeremy Nobel, MD, MPH

Jeremy Nobel, MD, MPH

Dr. Nobel is Board Certified in both Internal Medicine and Preventive Medicine, with Master’s degrees in Epidemiology and Health Policy from the Harvard School of Public Health. He currently serves on the faculty of the Harvard Medical School in the Department of Global Health and Social Medicine. He is also a poet, a photographer, and a teacher—a practitioner of the humanities.

With the unique background and training required to bridge scientific and humanistic disciplines, he has contributed to significant explorations into how creative expression mitigates illness and enhances well-being. He has become a prominent advocate for creative engagement, ancillary to and integrated with traditional medical care, as a pathway to healing.

Dr. Nobel has been writing poetry and taking photographs since high school and studied both arts in college. In medical school, as he encountered studies demonstrating that art plays an important role in healing, he realized that his artistic, scientific, and humanistic interests were complementary.

But he didn’t know where that convergence would lead until he saw how people responded to the trauma of September 11, 2001, as they used creative expression to better manage the storm of emotions that overtook them. Building on his friendships within the arts community, where dancers, painters, and sculptors have long testified to the power of the creative process to heal body and mind, Jeremy embarked on a sustained exploration of the role of creative expression in healing.

His personal journey led to the creation of our Foundation, whose mission is to benefit people’s lives by bridging science and the arts: to explore the relationship between health and creative expression through rigorous scientific research; to empower individuals, communities, and vulnerable populations coping with challenging conditions like trauma and chronic illness, through direct and innovative programs and tools; and to engage, inform, and inspire these populations and the ever-growing arts and healing community, building awareness through thought leadership, shared stories of “art and healing,” and original creative works.

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