UnLonely Film Festival 6


After taking over his family’s Chinatown restaurant, Steven and his pet fish must find a way to survive as a global pandemic sweeps New York City.

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Meet the Filmmaker

What is their why?

During the onset of the pandemic I created a series of documentary films following delivery and restaurant workers and the isolation and importance of their jobs. I wanted to follow it up with a narrative retelling that further dramatizes the themes of struggle and loneliness. It’s hard enough trying to keep a restaurant open, let alone while locked in during a pandemic. So this was a character exploration of a young man trying to navigate his own life and deal with loneliness through his only companion, a pet fish. Choosing a family restaurant in NYC Chinatown explored another element of isolation as Asian Americans were both ostracized and targeted throughout the last two years. Hopefully this film allows viewers to empathize with a story, character, and world not often seen on screen. “

LAW is a film and commercial director based in New York City. After spending his first decade in various cities across America, his family moved to Beijing, China. The experience growing up in Asia shaped him as a filmmaker, and even after returning to the US the blend of cultures continue to be an integral part of his directorial style. Law’s work has garnered multiple awards at film and ad festivals, including 19 Cannes Lions. He is currently finishing a feature project that explores immigrants and the pursuit of the American Dream.


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  1. Anonymous

    Wonderful film!

  2. Anonymous

    I like the movie. It is so real.

  3. Anonymous

    How sad and real….

  4. Anonymous

    so sad, we never learn

  5. Brian Stepien

    Amazing how much you can pack into a very short film. Family dynamics, politics, racism, economics, emotion, the pandemic. A glimpse into a world most of us only know as a consumer.

  6. Helen Trammell

    Heartbreaking. Now, 2023…home with broken leg wishing for good Chinese food. All the restaurants that closed..what did they do? Where are they now?

  7. Anonymous

    Very touching


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