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Grab My Hand: A Letter to My Dad

In this retelling of his dad’s relationship with his best friend, GRAB MY HAND is Camrus Johnson’s gift to his grieving father and a message to all to cherish every second you have with the ones you love while you still can.

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What is their why?

“My dad lost his best friend. More than his best friend, really. He lost his little brother. He’s never been one to cry or truly show any form of sadness in public, but I could see and feel how much my uncle’s sudden death really got to him. I wasn’t very good at comforting him with my words, so I did what I knew best – I created art. The point of this short was to help him heal and, in the process, help others heal by saying that life is unexpected and sudden and at times confusing; but as long as you cherish every memory and moment like the last, you’ll make the best of what life has to offer and you will bring joy to the lives of others. I hope this short makes you feel something the way that it made my dad stop holding back his tears and let them flow, healthily and therapeutically. I hope it makes you call your best friend to tell them you love them and thank them for loving you. I hope you know that this letter to my dad is a message to us all: surrounding ourselves with good only begets more goodness, and… don’t we all want just a tiny bit more goodness in our lives?”

Rising Star Award Winner Camrus Johnson’s acting career has recently taken off with leading male role of Luke Fox in The CW’s newest series BATWOMAN and Warner Brothers’ summer hit THE SUN IS ALSO A STAR, playing the role of Omar. He’s now partnered with Pedro Piccinini to create his first animated short, with his own separate live-action short film and comic book series coming soon!

Pedro Piccinini is a visual designer and animator, currently doodling his thoughts from the green mountains of Vermont.


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