UnLonely Film Festival 5

Come on Eileen

In attempts to save her broken relationship, depressed Eileen goes to her ex-boyfriend’s party to dance with him and prove that she is better.

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Meet the Filmmaker

What is their why?

“I don’t think it’s acknowledged enough how absolutely terrifying to be an artist. Being vulnerable on screen can feel like the end all be all. I’ve always struggled as an artist and as a person with loving myself – I find I am constantly my own worst enemy. This story is my attempt to translate the internal battlefield that rocks around my head into a film. This is how I managed, by creating a film I believe wholeheartedly is worth telling. I hope it makes you laugh…and if it makes you cry (I’ll be on cloud nine) but if anything, I hope it makes you feel something because my heart and soul is imbued in every single frame. Thank you so much for watching, it truly means the world to me. Especially through the context of the UnLonely Film Festival, I feel so many people feel isolated in their own lives. This film was a look at that idea and an attempt to tackle it with a sensitive but comedic hand. I wanted to remind an audience that you cannot love others until you love yourself, and the character that was born out of that idea was Eileen.”

Aussie-born, now L.A. based. Dan Benjamin Lesser enjoys telling stories with themes of identity, self-love and anything that can get a cheeky giggle out of an audience. Whether narrative, branded, or music video work Dan is striving to create authentic, visually dynamic, and kinetic work.

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Is there a young person in your life that you can connect to? Think back to a time in your life when you have felt this way. What advice would you offer them?

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  1. Linda

    What an inspiring project and use of art to re-frame and repair despair.


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