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About the Filmmaker

Chris King is an Oscar-qualifying filmmaker and three-time Emmy nominated promotions producer. His feature and short film screenplays have garnered national attention in The Nicholl Fellowship, the Chesterfield Film Project, Fade In Magazine, and HBO’s Project Greenlight. Chris’s films have played at over 250 film festivals, have been seen in over 140 cities in 90 countries, and have received over 100 awards and nominations. Chris’s short film “Birthday” qualified for the Academy Award (Live Action Short) in 2017 and played at over 150 international film festivals. The festival run on his latest short film “Pipe Dream” (about tv legend Carol Burnett) just finished, and he is now in pre-production on his next feature. Chris and his co-producer/co-writer wife Heather reside in Roseville, California with their two daughters.

Dive Even Deeper

Try the following to connect further with the film’s story…

  • Think about some of your past birthdays and select one where–similar to the character in the film–everything seemed to be different. Try to remember the setting and all of the sensory details along with the key individuals with whom you spent the day. Write about the day as objectively as you can: Who did you see? What happened? What was so different? How did you feel? 


  1. sherry miron

    Very Brave Man and Woman to let the feelings out freely that have changed the Birthdays to come for ever and make the Best of the future Birthdays together feeling Blessed and Grateful for all Life has given in Love and Pure in Heart Actions True Love is Grand what a Joy to see the Deep feelings of Life in this movie

  2. Anonymous

    This was a tear jerker! I went through all the emotions with them. What a big obstacle to go through for both people. So glad they each had each other to be there for one another. Loved the ending.

  3. Eric Rarama

    The first time I ever had a surprise Birthday Party was also the first time I ever had one. My dear Sister Grayce did it for me so kindly, she is the only person I know who would do surprise Birthday parties for any one, and now she is in heaven. I felt super surprised but moved by this generous act by my sister. She invited all our close mutual family and Church friends. God bless my sister;

  4. Anonymous

    says a lot without using words. excellent

  5. Asei Tendle

    Yea wow that’s the power of love right there to endure such a difficult situation

  6. Anonymous

    Powerful film. I connected with the main character, going through a physical rehabilitation phase in my life after a surgery and with an upcoming monumental birthday.

  7. Bobie

    amazing courage and strength to overcome. Wow

  8. Anonymous

    The power of love!

  9. Anonymous

    This story was so sad, but so powerful and demonstrates how the most difficult challenges can be overcome with determination and the power of love.

  10. Anonymous

    Beautiful video. Very emotional watching this. Love it.

  11. Anonymous

    very unfortunate that the direction of their future now is not what they had dreamed of. He is fortunate to have great family support. B

  12. Anonymous

    You can feel the raw emotions of the husband and wife. The love, the anger, determination, humor.

  13. Anonymous

    You can feel the raw emotions of the husband and wife. The love, the anger, the determination.

  14. Anonymous

    wow talk about making lemonade out of lemons! awesome story about Bravery, compassion, and Love!

  15. Anonymous

    What an mazing story of making lemonade out of a lot of lemons, this film shows the courage, love, and resilience of the human spirit, it’s a love story within a love story, they fall in love all over again because of these challenges allowing them I believe to see who each other really are, these are the moments that reveal who we really are, not the times when everything is going well, Thank you to all our Veterans!

  16. Anonymous

    If making lemonade out of lots of lemons were a person! what an awesome story about Courage, love, and resilience, A true love story within a love story, the fell in love all over again with their actual authentic spouse after his accident and recovery, it’s these moments that really show who we are not the ones that show up when everything is going great.. thank you and Bravo to all our Veterans!

  17. Anonymous

    it shows devotion to many things, a relationship, a person an ideal. Thank you Veterans.

  18. Saoudy

    Love and commitment can overcome obstacles. A great wife indeed.Also life must go on after crisis. Also, it shows how much the country cares about our injured veterans.

  19. Anonymous

    Thank you to our Veterans and a life of sacrifices.

  20. Anonymous

    A sacrifice life. Thank you to our Veterans!


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