Elgin Park

Elgin Park dives into the life of a reclusive artist turned viral sensation — recognized for creating 1950’s utopias out of pain, love, and miniature cars

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Watch this video to explore the film’s meaning and major themes a bit more. Talking with others about a shared arts experience can enrich our perspectives. Share your thoughts in the comment section, below!

Meet the Filmmaker

Danny Yourd is an award winning director and creative producer. He has directed and/or produced over 10 documentary films including the Sundance-winning documentary Blood Brother and Almost Holy (Executive Produced by Terrence Malick) which premiered and sold at the 2015 Tribeca Film Festival. Danny’s short films have screened at over 50 film festivals all over the world. His work has been featured on National Geographic, Apple, Independent Lens, Vimeo Staff Pick, Netflix, Starz and many others. Danny is currently a director at Animal.

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How does the film change your perspective on what addiction can look like? When nothing outwardly seems wrong, how can we check-in with friends and family to make sure they’re coping and have someone to confide in?

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  1. Melissa Martin

    It was a beautiful film. I love Michael’s honesty, energy, creativity, and resilience. I often suffer from feelings of deep loneliness. This project hits the core of it. I wish often people would teach out, because it’s so hard to reach out when your depressed. I’m glad Michael can use that to bring creativity and life into his life. Importent lesson. I thank you and Michael.


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