The UnLonely Film Festival: Best of Fest


About the FIlmmaker

Going to university as a mature student Ben Bradbury graduated from the University of Bedfordshire in 2018 following his dreams in studying animation to get a job within the animation industry. Wanting to give something back, Ben’s graduate film Echoes was created with the purpose of highlighting loneliness and vulnerability in the elderly community, which has been included in three festivals in 2019. Since graduating Ben is currently looking for opportunities within the creative industry and has become a teaching assistant helping run workshops in animation programmes at the University of Bedfordshire.

Dive Even Deeper

  • Music exercise: Create a playlist for someone you have lost.

    • We’ve all lost someone close to us, whether from death or relocation or a break-up. Embrace the memories you have of this person by giving yourself time to reflect.
    • Create a playlist of two to five songs that remind you of this person and listen to the music.


  1. Anonymous

    lost hurts at any point in life….

  2. Anna

    This helps me understand what my grandma was going through. Thank you.

  3. Martha

    Time can be so slow when you feel alone. Replaying memories can help but you cant stay in that space.

  4. Anonymous

    Memories are everything.

  5. Anonymous

    Our loved ones may be gone physically, but always in out memories. Don’t dwell on their emptiness, live life and move on with the good memories.

  6. Cindy Archer-Burton

    This is a lovely and touching tribute, and very well done. You have an amazing future!

  7. Anonymous

    Slipping into quiet reflection about a lost loved one is so powerful. At times, in my mind, I can feel their embrace. You did an incredible job capturing that feeling in a short film.


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