Project UnLonely Films Season 7

Where Has Sam’s Shadow Gone?

Tom Taylor

Sam and his faithful dog, Duke go on an amazing adventure to try to find Sam’s shadow.

Consider This

Watch this video to explore the film’s meaning and major themes a bit more. Talking with others about a shared arts experience can enrich our perspectives. Share your thoughts in the comment section, below!

Meet the Filmmaker

What is their why?

Tom Taylor is an author, illustrator, photo animator, motion graphics designer, video producer, musician, and songwriter from Boise, Idaho. His animated photo design and video style create otherworldly images and movement.

“I wrote the short story ‘Where Has Sam’s Shadow Gone?’ when my son was born. I finally finished the book and movie 14 years later. Samuel is my father’s name, my name, and my son’s name. But my son and I go by our middle names.”

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Sam eventually finds his shadow by firmly placing his feet on the ground, so why did he feel aimless before? How can we, as adults, support children in feeling less alone and more connected to the world around them?


  1. REW

    It is not just children who need to feel less alone and feel more connected, It is adults as well. This film hits home for me during a very shadowless time.

  2. Anonymous

    such a beautiful film. the theme of connection is always a good one.

  3. Anonymous

    Beautiful . Endearing . Poignant . Charming . Resonant with hope and yearning . Lovely and child like in its artful simplicity . I could watch this timelessly .


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