UnLonely Film Festival 7

The Simple Path

Charles Moore

“The Simple Path” follows the decision making of Nevaeh, an elder care nurse who struggles emotionally when one of her long-term elderly female patients, Helen, no longer has the financial ability to support the costs associated with the care facility for which she works.

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Meet the Filmmaker

What is their why?

It’s all about the story…

“When approached to write and direct a short film, I spent a few months seeking motivation – hoping an interesting idea would present itself in a somewhat organic manner; while on a run, while washing dishes, while standing in line at the bank, or while lying in bed wired with insomnia.

Alas, nothing compelling materialized on the spur of many moments.

So shifting course a bit, I sat square in my office chair and asked myself a simple question, ‘For whom am I grateful?’ I instantly thought of my sister, a lifelong nurse who has spent her entire career passionately caring for others, and then I thought about all of the other folks out there who, like my sister, have dedicated their lives providing love, care, and compassion to those in need.

This inspired me to sit forward in my chair, turn on my computer, and begin writing a short screenplay dedicated to all of those individuals who wake up each and every day, and put the needs of those less fortunate in front of their own.”

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