UnLonely Film Festival 6

Ms. Diva Trucker

In MS DIVA TRUCKER, a long-haul trucker turns to YouTube to combat loneliness and social isolation, and in the process creates an empowering online community whose impact reaches far beyond America’s highways.

Consider This

Watch this video to explore the film’s meaning and major themes a bit more. Talking with others about a shared arts experience can enrich our perspectives. Share your thoughts in the comment section, below!

Meet the Filmmaker

What is their why?

“In any year, our lives would come to a screeching halt without truck drivers like Tamara, and—like many women of color in this country—she is at a particularly perilous intersection of barriers during Covid-19. She is vulnerable, underpaid and overworked, without guaranteed paid sick leave nor hazard pay, and yet she is an essential worker. But this is not a social issue documentary. The film celebrates Tamara’s autonomy and resilience, pertinent themes in our lives in 2022.”


Dana Reilly is a documentary filmmaker. Her films are intimate and collaborative, exploring how work, love, and family shape women’s sense of self. She is grateful to those who share their stories and time with her.

Her work has screened at SXSW, Big Sky, Hot Springs, and Cinequest film festivals. Her most recent film, MS DIVA TRUCKER, won the Jury Award at the PBS Shorts Festival and is currently available to stream on NoBudge.com.

Born in New York City, she spent her formative years in London, England and currently lives and works in Austin, TX where she recently earned her MFA in Film Production from the University of Texas at Austin.


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In what unique ways have you sought out community during the pandemic? Have streaming platforms (like YouTube) helped you build relationships or feel more connected?

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  1. mlf

    we converted our garage to a 6 feet apart safe space with heaters and blankets and friends and neighbors could come over and see each other and hang out. it worked great

  2. Melissa Martin

    Respect, much respect. I have always said that truck drivers deserve our utmost respect on the road. They have to be the safest drivers. And more and more respect for her trials. I’m sure it’s lonely on the road, but I love her positive and beautiful spirit!


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