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Josh Tate is a writer, director, and producer with a passion for disability rights. A Film Independent Fellow in Directing and Screenwriting, Josh received his MFA in production from USC, where he won a Student Emmy for his producing work. His short film, GUEST ROOM, premiered at SXSW and his feature debut, LOVE LAND, was awarded a 2013 grant from the San Francisco Film Society and won the Audience Award and Special Jury Prize at the 25th New Orleans Film Festival. Josh worked as a legal intern for Mental Health Advocacy Services while earning his JD from UCLA School of Law, where he served as Co-Editor-in-Chief of the UCLA Entertainment Law Review.

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Free-write response

  •  Relate to Amber’s story by writing about a time when you experienced condescension or when you were disrespected. How did you deal with it? Was there someone who supported you and affirmed your feelings? What lessons did you learn?
  •  Consider sharing your writing with the person who supported you.


  1. Anonymous

    I really appreciated the sister’s response to the main character. I can recall a time when I was disrespected and it catches you so off guard sometimes. It is hard to stand up for yourself in the moment and is helpful to have those you are close with support you.

  2. Martha

    This brought me from happiness to sadness to happiness. Life is good. We all need support.

  3. Tanya

    The ending made me happy that the sister supported her. Everyone needs support in their life.

  4. Saoudy Saoudy

    One may not understand the problem unless he is part of it. Her sister boosts her sister’s moral as she needs so. Down Syndrome people have the right to plan for the future. We do not know the future to commit them to have no future

  5. Anonymous

    beautiful story

  6. Heidi

    So glad the sister supported her. Everyone needs it!

  7. Anonymous

    Things can get difficult in life, we need to learn how to think positive and seek for support from family and friends we can count on.

  8. Anonymous

    Very powerful, bit my tongue to keep from crying

  9. Anonymous

    This went straight to my heart. My best friends daughter is 17 and has Down’s Syndrome and is the best thing that has happened to all of us, we love her to pieces!!

  10. Katie

    It seems that condescension occurs at all times in life, typically from people in stressful situations. Unfortunately, those that are receiving that outward reaction have to deal with it. It is wonderful that the sister was encouraging during this situation as most people need that in life.

  11. Anonymous

    Sweet story about love, and considering others’ feelings. Having a family member (16 yrs old) who has Downs Syndrome makes it even more compelling for me. His Mom/Dad will be close to 70 before he can be on his own (maybe a group home), and of course we all hope the best for him to live his life to the fullest. If we try to look at others the way the Creator sees each of us – maybe their will be more love, empathy, peace, compassion, progress for the differently-abled in the world!

  12. Anonymous

    Worth, we all have it and deserve to know. Lift people up and you will be remembered!

  13. Regina

    Such a meaningful story about love and acceptance no matter who you are.


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