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Steven Fraser

An animator’s experience of Prosopagnosia is explored through the contents of a memory box.

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Meet the Filmmaker

What is their why?

Steven is an animator, artist, and writer who creates short films, comics, zines, performances, and installations. Steven makes inventive use of animation, illustration, puppetry, and kinetic art to present unique and interesting stories. Steven identifies as queer and autistic, and his animation and performance work has been screened and staged at many international film and arts festivals.

“Prosopagnosia is face blindness. This means that when I see a face, I find it difficult to determine who that person is. In order to understand what Prosopagnosia means to me and to try and live my best life, I developed a series of coping mechanisms and strategies. I first realized I may have a form of Prosopagnosia when I was receiving a diagnosis of autism. At this time, I had a compulsion to understand what a face is. Meaning – an understanding of what different elements make up a face; the eyes, the ears and the mouth for example. I started keeping diaries – written diaries and audio diaries which documented my experiences. I also started to sketch different faces. When doing this, I realized what a face actually looks like became clearer to me. I also took photographs and used instant photography. Polaroids felt immediate, effective, and were objects that I could hold and touch. This gave the faces in the photographs an added sense of realism and believability to me. There were no filters and editing, and I could instantly hold the results in my hands. Eventually I realized I had all these sketches, drawings, diaries, photographs, journals, and objects, so I put them together in a memory box. Within the film, I take a personal and intimate approach to the topic of Prosopagnosia. I open up this memory box to see what is inside, and the content of the box is the basis of the film.”


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