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My College Transition

The glory days of college life are supposed to begin when you arrive as a freshman, right?  It turns out that juggling assignments, fitting in and finding friends adds up to a major readjustment.  Everyone on social media makes it look like a piece of cake, but loneliness is more common than many think.  Here’s a lighthearted look at admitting to and conquering college loneliness, 101.

About the FIlmmaker

Emery, whose hometown is Montclair, New Jersey, is finishing her freshman year at Cornell’s Architecture Art Planning program. Her dream job, she says, is to be an art director: “…simply the possibility of working with a big team of creatives, surrounded by those ready to make something beautiful, just gets my blood pumping!”  

Dive Even Deeper

Try the following to connect further with the film’s story…

  • Choreograph and video-record a dance in your own home. Be thoughtful about the music and the choreography. What are you trying to express?
  • Commit to cinema verité on your social media platforms for a week or more. Instead of posting only the highlights of your life, including some of the everyday realities—instead of showing off that beautifully plated salmon at the latest trendy restaurant, focus your camera phone on your Tuesday night cold leftovers instead. Document and celebrate your everyday experience and add an important dose of reality to your social network. Humor helps.


  1. Anonymous

    so trure about clubs. Sharing the same interest can be helpful but not a sure fire way to make friends

  2. Anonymous

    Agree that making new connections is difficult but having realistic expectations and relizing it’s a process that everyone goes through is reassuring.

  3. Anonymous

    College is not what everybody says its going to be like. Adjusting and finding where you belong can be lonely and difficult, but in the end you grow and learn something new.

  4. Carly

    Definitely takes time and so hard to feel alone

  5. cm

    I think everyone has these feelings when starting college to some degree. i played a college sport and had 30 instant friends, yet there were still moments of loneliness and questioning if i belong.

  6. Anonymous

    Takes me back in time. I recall similar feelings about being around people and still being lonely.


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