Project UnLonely Films Season 7


Cameron Staley and Shivnil Lal

After a young boy’s father passes away, his gift to his son comforts and looks after him in his father’s absence.

Consider This

Watch this video to explore the film’s meaning and major themes a bit more. Talking with others about a shared arts experience can enrich our perspectives. Share your thoughts in the comment section, below!

Meet the Filmmaker

What is their why?

Cameron Staley and Shivnil Lal were two extremely talented students. They spent their Junior and Senior years at Thomas Downey High School working on the animated short film, Grizz. Once Shivnil graduated, Cameron took over as Co-Director to finish the film. Cameron and Shivnil helped direct a team of about 16 students who all worked tirelessly to complete the film. They were so dedicated to creating something meaningful that they worked after school and during the summer to complete it. I am extremely proud of these young 3D artists, and I feel their film speaks for itself.

Our advanced animation class at Thomas Downey High School is a mini production studio. Students work on one animated short film over the course of the school year. As a group, we came up with the story and set to work under our teacher’s guidance. We worked really hard and are proud of the end result.

Join The Conversation

If you experienced loss during childhood, what creative ways did you find to help you cope? Have these tools continued to serve you in adulthood? How can your imagination help you manage feelings associated with profound loss?

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  1. J

    What a startling and comforting little film of big impact ! My childhood was always fighting off feelings that were of invisible loss. A baby boy died in my family before I was conceived. My older sibling most certainly was grieving and did not want me in substitution. Our parents were deeply depressed . Traumatic stress lived on in my mum’s body as the baby loss was another profound death in her life.
    We all need the inner Grizz !


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