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Dim the Lights and Push Play

Our team is sharing a couple of picks every week from our UnLonely Film Festival to get your reaction and spark a conversation. Take a look and leave your comments below!


When put on hold by a suicide hotline, Nick finds support through his neighbor, also on hold for the same hotline. Together they confront his ex-girlfriend and current boy toy leading to hilarious and ultimately cathartic results. Holding is a film that’s about the way we connect to each other— how negative emotions are also emotions that can bring us together.

El Empleo

El Empleo follows an everyday worker in a surrealist, hyper-capitalist world. We follow him as he travels to his job, in a world where all pieces of machinery have been replaced with human labor. This film asks us challenging questions, not just about what we’re doing with our lives, but why we’re doing it.


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