Stuck at Home (together)


It’s the Perfect Time to Spark Your Creativity

Being creative is more than a fun activity, it’s an active way to keep your body and brain healthy. In a paper published by the journal, The Arts in Psychotherapy, researchers found that doing basic artistic activity actually increased blood flow to the brain’s reward center. Other research has shown that when people are actively engaged in a craft or art-making, breathing becomes more regular, people’s heart rate and blood pressure decrease, and that the stress hormone, cortisol, is reduced.

Challenge yourself to incorporate a creative activity into your Stuck at Home (together) routine. Although you can do this solo, we encourage you to try scheduling friends, family, or colleagues to participate with you via FaceTime, ZoomGoogle Hangouts, or similar!


Write the title of your Stuck at Home memoir. What would a catchy title of your experience be?

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Your favorite Stuck-at-Home Vista

Snap a photo of a place or a room where you find yourself looking and feeling comfort. Perhaps it is the scene outside of your window or a child’s bedroom that was once empty but is occupied again. Or maybe it is a place you’ve discovered on your socially distanced walks. Take a photo and post to the forum to share your image of solace.

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Create your Stuck-at-Home Protest Poster

At this moment of societal upheaval and protest, we should all be empowered to voice our concerns even if we don’t feel safe to join mass gatherings. Create your own poster for your window to share your message with your neighbors and to help your community become a safe and welcoming community where all people can connect. First, consider your slogan: what is the simple and direct message you want to convey? The fewer the words, the better. Second, consider a single strong graphic symbol – a fist, a peace sign, a mask — that helps communicate your message. Third, hang your poster in a prominent window that will ensure broad visibility. Finally, take a snapshot of your poster in your window and post to the forum to broaden the reach of your message.

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