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In Times Like These, We All Have a Story to Tell

We want to read, see, hear, and share your stories about being ‘Stuck at Home’. Post a photo, or video, or share a drawing, comic strip, poem, journal entry, or any other creative snapshot of your Stuck at Home life. Together, we can create a vibrant community where all forms of creative expression are welcome. See what others are sharing by hoovering and scrolling in the space below.

Elisabeth R.

“I miss hugging my friends and family! Working on projects together (we’re a bunch of crafters and builders and educators).”

BUT! I’ve liked… “Being able to let my body adapt to its natural night own rhythms and sleep as late as I want.”

Rosaline C.

I miss… “The sound of crashing waves and deep breaths of salty, ocean air walking my favourite beach in Donegal, Ireland.”

BUT! “I am finally getting around to working on a personal website, writing about life in Ireland. It is It is a work of love and should be well completed by the time I finish my 12 weeks at home. I have to shield as I have hereditary amyloidosis and highly vulnerable. Love to you all. Stay safe.”

Frank S.

“I miss the feeling of everything being okay.”

BUT! “It’s nice to feel like I’m doing the thing I’m supposed to be doing.”

Eric T.

“I miss hanging with the boys. We used to drink beers and just let time fly…”

BUT! “I’ve liked that my bed has molded to my body.”

Jeremy G.

“I miss being able to go to school. I hate it, but I need it?”

BUT! “I love the fact that I don’t have to go to school.”

Julia F.

I’ve missed… “The lack of physical activity and personal contacts, particularly dance classes with friends.”

BUT! I’ve liked… “Not being overextended or racing just to keep abreast. Choosing what I think is important and pushing myself to do THAT.”

Katie D.

“I’ve missed being able to see, face-to-face, people who I am close with – parents, siblings, my new baby niece.”

BUT! “I made over a storage room into a yoga/meditation room and have maintained a consistent home practice.”

Danette C.

I’ve missed… “The choice of going somewhere.”

BUT! “Everyone else around the world is just like me, stuck at home. I have pets which really keep me busy.”

Philip M.

“I miss being with my friends and family. Sharing laughs and food and love and fellowship.”

BUT! “I am sharpening my photographic skills.”

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  1. Jeremy Nobel

    I really love the photo by Phil M. of the sun, marking the boundary between sea and sky. It gave me a feeling of calm and hope. Thanks Phil! I would love to see more of your photos.

  2. Gabriela A Sanchez Samano

    Julia F. I really relate to your story! is nice to discover what truly brings joy without the noise of the busy busy life. 🙂

  3. Carlita T

    Jeremy, I hope you find your way to discover your own love of learning during this time, so when you return to school, you can make it work for you on your own way!


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