UnLonely Film Festival 5

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An essential emergency worker grapples with the emotional toll of living with her immunocompromised spouse during COVID-19.

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Meet the Filmmaker

What is their why?

“Ten years ago, at the age of 23, I underwent a procedure that saved my life; a kidney transplant. My father donated one of his kidneys to someone that neither of us knew so that I could receive a healthy organ from another party in return. Before that, I spent the majority of my life gradually progressing towards undetected renal failure, which ultimately led me to a brief stint of dialysis and then the transplant. During a worldwide pandemic such as the one we currently find ourselves in, that very procedure and the medications I take daily to ensure its success, put me in a very vulnerable place. Because of these somewhat defining experiences that come with a procedure such as an organ transplant, I have an appreciation for what living with a compromised immune system means. I also have an appreciation for how this daily challenge affects those closest to me.”

Jesse Hunt is a 33-year-old filmmaker living in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. He found his way to filmmaking by way of cinematography and photography. In 2010 Jesse underwent a life-altering kidney transplant and since then he has been working at building a career directing projects that are true to his instincts in crafting cinematic visuals and telling stories that are not only authentic but emotionally driven and real.

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What creative ways have you stayed connected with those you love during the pandemic? Is there someone you can think of right now who might appreciate you reaching out to see how they are doing?

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