UnLonely Film Festival 6

Margo Lily

A couple is determined to plant a tree in the middle of winter following the loss of their child.

Consider This

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Meet the Filmmaker

What is their why?

“We wanted to explore our personal issues with infertility through a couple drowning in grief as they go through a cathartic exercise to honor their lost child. It was important to us that they have differing opinions and be at different places in their grieving but instead of growing apart, as many couple can during these times, this ceremony brings them closer together. It reminds them that they still love each other and that they are more than the scars they share. So instead of abandoning each other in their times of need, they’re going to get through it together. ”

Linsey Stewart & Dane Clark met during their Writers’ Lab stint at the Canadian Film Centre. They became best friends, fell in love, wrote scripts and now they’re married. To each other.

Together they’ve made several shorts, including LONG BRANCH and MARGO LILY, which were Short Of The Week winners/Vimeo Staff Picks, BICKFORD PARK, which premiered at TIFF and they won a WGA Award for their AwesomenessTV web series THE COMMUTE.

In 2013 they were named People To Watch by the Toronto Star and shot their first feature, the romantic comedic thriller I PUT A HIT ON YOU which premiered at Slamdance, was distributed by Mongrel and received NNNN’s in Now Magazine.

They were writers/consulting producers on the last four seasons of CBC’s MR. D where Linsey also directed an episode and has been writing on the last three seasons of Netflix/CBC’s WORKIN’ MOMS.

They are currently developing their next feature MERV with MGM, a tv series with Sony, adapting the critically acclaimed YA novel MS. BIXBY’S LAST DAY for Gunpowder & Sky and Walden Media and casting their next feature with Wildling Pictures.



Join The Conversation

What compromises have you had to make to honor someone else’s wishes?


  1. marcia L freed

    very powerful in such a small space

  2. timeforjoycoaching

    this was soooooooooooo moving, thank you

  3. Heather Stuckey-Peyrot

    I lost my husband in a tragic fall earlier this month, and I planted a tree his honor, spreading some of the ashes over it. I understand the need to have it work, to have it grow, to pick the perfect spot so that the tree doesn’t die.


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