UnLonely FilmFest 3 Launch Event

An Inspiring Evening

We kicked off our third annual online film festival at the Alvin Ailey Dance Theater in New York City. We’re truly inspired by this year’s collection of stories and the filmmakers who told them. Click on the video above to see a short clip of the festivities.

A Welcome Message from 
Jeremy Nobel, MD, MPH
Founder and President
The UnLonely Project from the Foundation for Art & Healing

As we face a world increasingly distressed and divided, it’s more timely than ever to recognize loneliness and isolation as critical public health concerns. The statistics are alarming: 65% of us will be affected at some point and 35% say they are lonely right now.

And loneliness won’t just make you miserable, it will kill you, with the early mortality equivalent of smoking 15 cigarettes per day.

But here’s some good news: Through the UnLonely Project, our Foundation has demonstrated the benefit of creative expression to reduce the burden of loneliness for those most significantly affected. Now, as part of that effort, we launched our third annual UnLonely Film Festival. Through it, we’re making powerful storytelling accessible anywhere—from the living room to the lunchroom, to the classroom, to audiences around the world.

Our goal is to raise awareness around loneliness and reduce its stigma, while ultimately accelerating authentic and sustained connection through personal and social dialogue. We are delighted that you can be with us on this timely and exciting journey to creatively connect.

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