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Young Adult Advisory Comittee

Our Young Adult Advisory Committee (YAAC) helps to guide and support our efforts in address the challenges of campus life through the power of creativity.

Halle Butler

Social Media Manager at essie
New York, New York

“I love the FAH’s mission to use arts and creativity to bring people together and make us feel less lonely. Personally, painting my nails has been my favorite way to express myself and it brought me into an amazing community. I hope to help the foundation bring that same joy to more people!”


Sadie Estey

Student at Colby College, Double Major: Psychology and English
Waterville, Maine

“I am passionate about The Foundation for Art and Healing because it promotes creative exploration as an avenue toward improving health and wellness among individuals. Oftentimes, I feel that the ability of artistic ventures to effect positive change is overlooked, making the foundation’s mission all the more important.”


Elizabeth Gunner

Registered Dietitian, Artist, Graduate Student at Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health
Boston, Massachusetts

“I believe that creative expression, in all forms, leads to an improved connection with each other and with ourselves. Overall, art and creativity are healing.”


Edythe Hughes

Fashion Model and Student at Hunter College
New York, New York

“Making and sharing artworks with friends and family has drawn us together in ways that ordinary conversation cannot. The Foundation of Art and Healing’s mission speaks directly to the magic of creativity and community.”


Bailey Merlin

MS in Media, Medicine, and Health Candidate at Harvard Medical School
Boston, Massachusetts

“As a writer, I am deeply passionate about the FAH mission to improve mental health through art and creativity. I believe that storytelling has the power to heal, to bring people together, and to shed light on the complexities of the human experience. By harnessing the transformative power of art, we can create a world that is more understanding, more compassionate, and more supportive of those struggling with mental health issues.”

Jessica Liu

YAAC Leader
Boston, Massachusetts

As the Foundation for Art & Healing’s Campus & Young Adult Engagement & Evaluation Advisor, Jessica stewards partnerships between campus representatives, community members, and our program team.

She is a 4th year Population Health Sciences doctoral candidate at Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health and completed her Master’s in Public Health at Yale School of Public Health.

Diana Shaari

Student at Harvard College
Boston, Massachusetts

“I am passionate about merging my love for medicine/health with my passion for visual art! The FAH mission could not better encapsulate my desire to use art and creativity to improve general wellbeing, especially on college campuses.”  


Zenton Yobera

Public Mental Health Consultant and Recent Graduate of Goshen College
Waterville, Maine Goshen, Indiana

“The world has undermined The Arts in favor of “more practical professions”, in consequence we have seen a surge in mental health issues. FAH is changing that, and I want to be part of that change.”


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