Being UnLonely with Eileen Rockefeller

July 21, 2015

Eileen Rockefeller, author, public speaker, and venture philanthropist talks to the Foundation of Art & Healing about the importance of healing in the community. When we come together, she says, we can “turn from the place of isolation to one of belonging.” Rockefeller is known both as a member of one of America’s most legendary families, but also an innovator in the field of mind/body health, and healthcare practices that incorporate social and emotional well-being.

In 1983, Rockefeller founded the Institute for the Advancement of Health, which she founded in order to bring awareness and credibility to mind/body health at a time when it was not widely accepted by medical professionals. Thought that work, Rockefeller discovered that, regardless of illness or condition, “community is essential.”

In 2013, she published her memoirs, Being a Rockefeller, Becoming Myself, in which she reflects upon how her intuitive understanding as a child that mood and social situation impacted her physical health fed her drive to better understand that connection later in life. Eileen Rockefeller is widely credited with bringing social and emotional health to national and medical attention, and remains an active advocate for its utilization.

The Foundation for Art & Healing