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Spoon Fed

About the Filmmaker

Nick Hatton Jones is an award-winning writer and director. He has written and directed two romantic comedy micro ­series, The London Affair and The Script and the Rose both were screened by the BBC regionally and the latter was commissioned by the BBC. The London Affair was subsequently made as an online series and was received internationally by over 2 million viewers. Nick has developed the feature film script of The London Affair with guidance from the Head of Development at Icon. Nick has written and directed a number of short films. His short films have screened and won awards at film festivals across the world including Palm Springs International Film Festival, Miami International Film Festival, Heart of Gold, Liverpool Film Festival and Kansas International Film Festival amongst others. Nick is currently developing a number of Television and Film projects including an adaptation of his short film Spoon Fed.

Dive Even Deeper

Try the following to connect further with the film’s story…

Writing exercise: Spend the day in someone else’s shoes.

  • Think of someone you know—preferably someone who you are close to—who has some kind of disability or chronic condition that has altered their day-to-day life. Take a minute to take stock of what you know about this person. What clues have they given about their life?
  • Using the first-person voice or “I”, write about the imagined details of their day—even the uncomfortable moments that you don’t want to dwell on. You can start by ending this sentence:  “When I first woke up and was still lying in bed, I thought of….”


  1. Anonymous

    well told!

  2. Susan Mckane

    Watching the main character go thru her anger and inability to accept her condition was captured perfectly. Her fellow group member found a way around her defenses by offering companionship with no judgement or expectations. I really enjoyed this film.

  3. Anonymous

    The main character’s struggles were captured perfectly. I could feel how she was feeling and imagine how her life must have changed with such a debilitating condition. This film ends leaving hope for her to find companioship in someone who can relate to her, which she didn’t think was the case initially.

  4. Anonymous

    Impactful, you never know what life will bring or how you will react if you develop an illness or disability. Don’t make judgements on others, be supportive, caring and helpful whenever possible.

  5. Anonymous

    I am sharing this with my daughter for the same reasons as Ellie. <3 Thank you! I now understand much better my daughter's world.

  6. Anonymous

    Beautifully done, touching, illuminating. This is a way to reach medical and nursing students in teaching humanistic medicine.

  7. Anonymous

    Watching this made me think of my aunt that when she was diagnose with a chronic condition. Very loving video.

  8. Anonymous

    Sad, but so lovely. I really enjoyed this one!

  9. Anonymous

    It is hard to accept a new diagnosis and how it will change your life

  10. Katie

    I appears that once you accepted what is going on with you and your body (acceptance) you can find a new roll to take on in life. It may not be the same as you have once known but it doesn’t decrease the value in it.

  11. Courtney

    Such an impactful video! Watching her struggle with her new diagnosis and how it changes her life. Loved this video.

  12. Anonymous

    This video made me wonder in a good way about self and others. How do we sometimes get so lost from truth and perspective? Video well done!

  13. Regina

    The depiction of the debilitation that can happen with a life threatening illness was powerful. The connection made between the two was noteworthy; a reminder that no matter how lonely we are, there is someone who understands. It invites us to be open to others, and let them in.

  14. Stephanie

    I loved this film. It made me cry. It says so much about strength and pain and the way anger gets in the way of love. My sister has profound intellectual disabilities and we are always noticed when we’re out. Sometimes rudely, sometimes kindly, but we are rarely anonymous. There are so many struggles to deal with when you are challenged in this way. Almost no one who hasn’t been through it can understand. The film told the story of those struggles beautifully and I’m so happy that it ended on a hopeful note.

  15. Anonymous

    Reinforced the need and importance of support groups and how much a person (health care provider) can understand another person’s suffering.

  16. Stephanie

    Agree – I’ve never really seen anything like this before. Very touching.

  17. Stephanie

    Yes. A good lesson for all of us. Really good film!


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