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About the Filmmaker

Filmmaker Brendan Cleaves is an award-winning writer and director. In 2016, he won Best UK Screenplay for his script Building Bricks at the London Independent Film Festival.  Roger is the first short film he directed (2017), starring John Bradley from Game Of Thrones and comedian Seann Walsh. In 2018 the script was selected for the Hollywood Black List’s Top Comedy Scripts.  Brendan is currently in pre-production for his first feature film based on the Roger short. 

Dive Even Deeper

Try the following to connect further with the film’s story…

Writing Exercise:  

  • Write about this question as it relates to your own personal experience:  “Distance makes the heart grow fonder? Or more fragile, lonely, and strange?”
  • We’ve all experienced a separation from someone close to us, but how have we dealt with the loss both publicly and privately? Give yourself 10 to 15 minutes to write about an experience, careful to note details about your inner dialogue and feelings, while also trying to imagine how you appeared to everyone else.
  • Then, write a final paragraph contemplating what you might say to that person if you could see them today.


  1. Anonymous

    Roger needs to be put in the trunk. Wrong way to deal with loss of a friend. The definition of friendship becomes blurred when a puppet becomes the imaginary friend.

  2. Carly K

    We all deal with loss in different ways- people need to process in their own way but support system needs to help watch for signs of ineffective/unhealthy coping patterns.

  3. Anonymous

    I did not get it. Sorry it was lost on me!

  4. Anonymous

    Driver needs a trip to Mongolia for self reflection. B

  5. Anonymous

    This one confused me!

  6. Anonymous

    Very disturbing this person needs help with reality- delusional

  7. Anonymous

    Maybe Roger was more interesting than the guy who when on the trip…

  8. Katie

    When people get lonely, they need to talk to someone. It’s sad that in this instant it had to be a dummy.

  9. Phil Bode

    Clearly the driver was lost with out his buddy that went on holiday……. So he came up with an alternative…..


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