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Director/Producer Joyce Chen was born in Kaohsiung, Taiwan. She immigrated with her family at age 1 to Southern California, and received her US citizenship at age 16. After studying art direction at Boston University, Joyce began her career in production at advertising agency Modernista!, creating branded content, commercials and music videos. After moving to San Francisco in 2007, Joyce continued her career producing integrated campaigns for brands like Google, Xbox, Audi and adidas. Joyce got her first taste of documentary filmmaking when she produced the Google branded content piece “Nick’s First Pitch”, which won numerous industry awards in 2014. Joyce currently resides in San Francisco, CA where she is the Head of Production for Facebook. “Refugee”, which she co-directed with Emily Moore, is her directorial debut.

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    • Give yourself 10-15 minutes to respond in writing to Aichi Ba’s story. What moved you? What do you wish could have been different? Why did her story resonate with you?


  1. Anonymous

    My family came here as a refugee. We were so lucky and blessed to have come together. Life is so tough in a new land. I can’t imagine doing it alone, and have to wait for many years before reunited with your loved ones.

  2. Anonymous

    Incredible people. I can only hope they find peace. There is so much to be learned from their story.

  3. Anonymous

    it was very interesting and sad but i hope they find peace too.

  4. Anonymous

    good story

  5. Anonymous

    Aichi Ba – Courageous. Brave. Strong. A story not easily forgotten.

  6. Anonymous

    Never under estimate a mother’s love. It definitely takes strength and courage to leave your children that is your heartstrings behind so that you can give them a better future. Being determined and always focused on what her goals were; to bring her children to America. To have the American dream. On so many level, I could relate especially having a family that comes from a 3rd world country.

  7. Anonymous

    This was a very good story to share

  8. M

    It is unfortunate that people like her have to go through the most painful experiences in life to bring her children to America. Her journey to America and the cost of her sacrifices is very moving. Though her children are now in America, I wish she could have lived longer to see her children progress in life. Being an immigrant myself, I also experienced the long wait of my family to come to America.

  9. Anonymous

    I can relate to her store as I came this country as a refugee my self.


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