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Junk Mail

About the Filmmaker

Charles Frank is a director, editor, and co-founder of Voyager, a Brooklyn-based production company. He makes films that are empathetic, humanistic and heart filled. His work has reached over 10 million people online, been featured in The Atlantic, Huffington Post, and SF Globe, and received numerous Vimeo Staff Picks. He served as an editor on a short for The New York Times Op-Docs, and on “4 Your Eyez Only,” a feature doc for HBO on rapper J. Cole. Through all of his work, he strives to connect audiences to the subjects on screen, but also to one another.

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  • If you could design your own community center that you could go to every morning, what would it be like? Draw a floorplan for what your ideal center would look like. What kind of rooms and spaces would there be and for what kind of activities? Who is there with you? Draw the people you’d like to include. Why did you pick the people you did?


  1. Anonymous

    life goes on, be positive

  2. Anonymous

    The film did a good job of conveying the importance of connection as well as the treasure hidden in those that we routinely over look.

  3. Anonymous

    The senior center is a place that gives back. The elderly are honored as living beings and are not thought to be a burden to our society and are not like junk mail where it is just thrown away as garbage.

  4. Martha

    Live Life till the very end.

  5. Anonymous

    Senior Center can give meaning to life. Spending time with others.

  6. Sandy

    A place to go to meet and share life with others, can bring meaning to the elderly.

  7. Sandy

    Senior Center so important in the lives of the elderly. A sense of belonging, a place the elderly can meet others.

  8. Anonymous

    Live your best life. I often wonder who will be with me till the end, visitors, family, friends.

  9. Anonymous

    So sad that the pandemic has taken this away, help remember and interact with the seniors in your life!

  10. Jan

    Seniors are so lonely now with the virus. This is so important for their socialization. Keeps them going.

  11. Anonymous

    Sometimes we are so busy we forgot about the mental health need of the seniors, they are very lonely, they needs social life like everybody else

  12. T

    I feel like I have missed out by not trying to connect with family and friends as they age, I feel responsible.

  13. Anonymous

    So said.

  14. Jennifer

    I wonder how well I will deal with loneliness when I get older. I’m not looking forward to it. I will then have to check out a Senior Center. They are a blessing for our elderly.


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