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El Empleo

About the FIlmmaker

Santiago Bou GRASSO (1979, Argentina) studied design in visual communication. He is a freelance illustrator, animator and filmmaker. His independent short film animations have participated in many festivals and received more than a hundred international awards. The Employment (2008) has been his biggest success. Grasso lives and works in San Carlos de Bariloche, Argentina.

Dive Even Deeper

  • What inanimate object represents your work life?  

    • Can you relate to the film’s premise that everyone serves an objectified role in service of another? If you had to pick an object that best represents your role or the service you provide at home or at work, what would it be?
    • Can you draw a representation of what you look like as this object? If you aren’t fully comfortable with how you see yourself, is there another object that you can draw represents the role you’d like to play?


  1. Anna

    The person with depression is not the sole victim.

  2. Anna

    I would be an umbrella since I care for others. I don’t feel objectified in my current work role. But I can relate to this if I think of past jobs, like a test grader.

  3. Jannette

    I am deeply moved by this film for so many reasons. Anyone who has been unemployed due to COVID-19 or has lost a job or is unhappy at their current job can relate to this video. It is uniquely powerful and extremely well made. Even down to the audible swallowing of the coffee and crunching of the breakfast. WOW. This is one I will share forward. Thank you!

  4. Claudia

    I would be the one holding the mirror. I often find myself self-reflecting and asking others to self-reflect – how do your words and actions impact others. I started the video without any expectations. The time on the alarm clock caught my attention. My thought was, that’s later than the time i usually get up for work. My a-ha moment was that others had to get up much earlier to get to work. Thank you for this film.

  5. Asei Tendle

    I agree what a cool way to look at work and our daily duties. Also a subtle reminder of things arent that bad compared to being a doormat lol. I like this perspective

  6. Anonymous

    Very powerful. Certainly represents how I feel much of the time and I am sure how at least some others do as well. I related to several of the elements represented by the different people/things.

  7. Anonymous

    It’s true people are the ones that control and make a society, and everyone has a part to play in it.
    It was interesting to see how the people around him were seen as objects to him, for instance his family had become nothing more than fixtures apart of His life, I think we can do that at times with those closest to us without knowing we don’t always appreciate them, while allowing others And then the traffic light to me represented people in life that believe they have the power to say who can advance in life, career etc.and who cannot.
    in the end he to was a doormat for someone else, & isn’t it Ironic, don’t you think..

  8. Anonymous

    Very interesting. I liked that everyone had a job and to see him utilize everyone. It made me curious to know what his job is at the end.

  9. Saoudy Saoudy

    The concept of human commodity. On the light side how to keep all citizens employed.. I have to think more about it

  10. Anonymous

    From the film, it seems he dreaded of coming to work. For most of us, we don’t love what we do but tolerate it. Someone is always going to be on top, and for most us will be in the bottom of life, and this our life story. We all have a role to play to make this world of ours go round and round. As long as we feel dignified in our work, we get treated well and get paid for it.

  11. Anonymous

    As a society we are social people. I am struck that no one interacted with one another. They were just objects and going through the motions of the day. No enjoyment and just doing what you need to do to get by. How many times during our life have we done this on a daily basis. It is something to think about.

  12. Anonymous

    Illustrating our interdependence while simultaneously calling out the lack of meaningful human interaction in the process makes for a striking message.


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