The following activities are suggestions on how to use your creativity to bring more self-care into your life. Awakening an artistic spirit encourages a sense of purpose, meaning and joy.  Some suggestions may take a few minutes whereas others could take more time. Choose one or two activities that really speak to you (or try them all) and commit to giving them a go.  Give yourself the gift of creative exploration!

Digital Photo Journal.  Use your phone (or camera) to document a day in your life.  Include photos of your home, neighborhood, people you interact with, animals, buildings, trees, favorite haunts…whatever you find meaningful.   If you’re feeling inspired you can use an online service (such as Shutterfly) to create your own lasting memory book.

Stones in the River StoriesTake a sheet of paper and draw a river (a squiggly line) from one end of the page to the other.  At the far left, draw a stone and label it with your birth date.  At the far right, draw a second stone and label that with today’s date.  In between each, draw several more stones along the river that represent significant life events (graduations, weddings, births, deaths, jobs, etc).  Now choose one stone with special meaning and write a short story or poem about that event.

Nourish your Soul.  Cook a special meal for yourself perhaps using an old family recipe or trying something totally new.  Once it’s prepared, make it an event: light some candles, play your favorite music and use your finest tableware. Treat yourself to a special evening that you have created just for you!

Walk Without an Agenda.  Connect to your inner explorer by walking to a destination without a plan.  This could be a new neighborhood or even a stroll around your own block.  Walk with a purposeful awareness of your surroundings and awaken your senses:  what do you see, hear, and smell?  If something strikes your fancy, treat yourself.  This could be a simple cup of coffee or an object that brings you joy.

Surprise Someone Special.  Either make your own or buy a greeting card with a special message.  In this time of Facebook and email, it is extra special to give and receive a handwritten note.

De-clutter a Drawer or Re-arrange a Room. Organizing and decorating are practical as well as creative endeavors.  Choose a drawer or closet that needs some attention and spend a little time organizing it.  Rearrange a room in a way that pleases you.  Enjoy the lasting reward just a few minutes of effort can bring.

Sacred Space. Take yourself to a quiet place- church, mosque, synagogue, library, or the woods- and enjoy the silence and stillness that surrounds you.

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  1. Melissa Kojima

    These are awesome ideas. I’m going to try some of them . thanks so much.


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