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Let’s empower you to help your employees feel less lonely.

Never has it been more difficult to create community at work than during this pandemic. Many employees are used to masking their feelings of isolation to avoid appearing weak or vulnerable, and with new burdens of remote work and challenges that come with quarantine, the perceived sense of isolation among colleagues can be overwhelming. With unprecedented challenges facing businesses and workers, the Workplace UnLonely initiative helps organizations adapt to current societal and organizational changes with innovative programs that provide a creative remedy for burnout, stress, and disconnection.


Public Health Challenge

The loneliness epidemic permeates across industries and offices, posing detrimental health and economic effects today that, without intervention, will persist in the future.

  • Prevalence  – The number of employees in the U.S. reporting feelings of loneliness has increased the past couple of years, with more than half identifying with these negative moods.
  • Work Interference – Loneliness isn’t just an emotion, it’s a behavior. According to the Academy of Management, “greater workplace loneliness is related to lower job performance.” Lonely workers in the U.S. say they think about quitting their job more than 2x as often as non-lonely workers
    • A Shared Burden – Loneliness isn’t individual, it’s shared. “Co-workers can recognize this loneliness and see it hindering team member effectiveness… coworkers of lonely employees may likely withdraw as a result of their (accurate) perception that the lonelier employees are less effectively committed” – California Sacramento University and University of Pennsylvania


    Program Solutions

    Organizations have a responsibility to their employees to create a safe and healthy environment. Employers are in a unique position to improve productivity, boost morale, and effect exponential impact. To combat loneliness in the workplace, we partner with companies to create innovative, interactive programs that foster creativity and connection. Our evidence-based programs provide a safe, positive environment to reflect and share, while also offering the tools to promote sustained individual engagement and a permanent place in corporate culture.

    • Inspire Ingenuity – Creativity is often overlooked in the workplace but has the potential to disrupt the routine, provide energy and excitement, and offers essential problem-solving skills.
      • Enrich Communications – Creative expression can enable open and honest dialogue on a variety of topics, which can be facilitated through  different mediums.
        • Foster Belonging – Art has the power to build bridges among staff and demonstrates inclusion of and appreciation for another aspect of an employee’s identity.


          Companies that create programs to tackle structural loneliness “have the power to drive change at a societal level not only by strengthening connections among employees, partners, and clients but also by serving as an innovation hub that can inspire other organizations to address loneliness,” writes Dr. Vivek Murthy, former U.S. Surgeon General.


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