June 5, 2020

It’s not every day the Today Show comes knocking, so you can imagine the thrill when reporter Kate Snow and producer Jared Crawford contacted us for their series on loneliness. They did a terrific job of laying out the why this has become one of today’s major public health crises and some ways any of us can use to move through it when we find ourselves in that spot.

Which is what brought them to The UnLonely Project, a signature initiative for us. They flew into the School of Art Institute of Chicago (SAIC) to report on how creative expression can make a big impact on feeling less lonely. Kate talked with SAIC students at an UnLonely Project workshop to get their perspectives on how art offers a “soothing” activity in a day of hyper-social-networked interactions (which some are calling “inauthentic connections”) and campus pressures…

Behind the scenes…

Here are some quick videos and photos that give you a glimpse of how the story came together—and how Kate even jumped in to show how we all have creative expression inside of us!

Special thanks to Joseph Behen, Executive Director, Counseling, Health, and Disability Services at SAIC for hosting us; Kate Snow, Jared Crawford and their NBC News team for showing us the magic of television; and especially all the SAIC students who participated!

Kate Snow showing her art, along with SAIC students.

Kate Snow with the group of SAIC students who participated.

Our Jeremy Nobel with producer Jared Crawford and reporter Kate Snow.

 Joseph Behen from SAIC with Kate Snow.

Have a Story to Share?

If you have a story or tip to share for how you use creative expression to be UnLonely or have an inspirational observation of how you have seen others tackle loneliness by connecting with others through their creativity, we’d love to hear!

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  1. Sandra Curtis

    I make greet cards with ribbon and stickers, buttons and such ……….. Find it relaxing. Also, a friend is coming to my back yard on Sunday so we can do rock painting together. We paint rocks with inspirational words or sayings on them.


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