UnLonely Film Festival 5

Jamaal: Through the Lens

A young man from the South Bronx discovers photography as his way to escape his past.

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But What Does it Mean?

Even when we feel that we have a sense of a film’s meaning, there is often more to uncover. Watch this video to better understand the film and why we selected it for the festival.

Meet the Filmmaker

Below, the filmmaker shares why they made this film.

“Jamaal is a friend of mine. Through his story, I wanted to show how one can overcome tragedy and trauma through finding a passion. I also wanted to show, through the story of the birth of his daughter, how (unfortunately) history can repeat itself when it comes to family dysfunction.”

Filmmaker bio goes here, shortened to 2-3 lines.

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Now it’s Your Turn

How do you respect the elders in your life? Beyond the older adult community, serving others can also be a great way to connect with your community. What are some ways you can connect with and serve those in need?


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