UnLonely Film Festival 5


An animated exploration of poet Marie Howe’s poem, “Singularity,” a meditation on the surprising connections between the grandly cosmic and the intensely personal.

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Watch this video to explore the film’s meaning and major themes a bit more. Talking with others about a shared arts experience can enrich our perspectives. Share your thoughts in the comment section, below!

Meet the Filmmakers

What is their why?

“Marie Howe’s poetry is extraordinary, and the chance to bring one of her poems to life – connecting the world of poetry and the world of science – was the opportunity of a lifetime.”

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Elizabeth Myer Boulton is SALT Project’s President, Creative Director, and chief storyteller. A proud graduate of Trent University and the University of Chicago, she loves experimenting with film and animation to change minds, hearts, and maybe even the world! A proud mom and vegetarian for over 15 years, Liz wants to live in a world where kindness is queen, emails are short, and pots of tea never get cold.

Matthew Myer Boulton is an author, teacher, filmmaker, and proud papa of Jonah and Margaret. A graduate of Northwestern University, Harvard Divinity School, and the University of Chicago Divinity School, he has served on the faculty of Harvard Divinity School and of seminaries in the Midwest and New England.

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Has there been a time when you felt connected to the greater world around you – plants and animals, sun and stars, people who live thousands of miles away? What did that feel like for you and are there strategies you can use to help keep the connection alive?

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