Want to Share Your Story about Becoming UnLonely?

We started the Foundation for Art & Healing over ten years ago, in part to give people a chance to “tell their story” and in doing that, to accomplish three things:

  • Expand the general awareness of the public of the importance of creative expression of all sorts (music, dance, writing, visual arts; and even sewing, cooking, and gardening!) to health.
  • Inspire others and give them a bit more boldness, conviction, and reassurance about the importance of their own creative work (totally separate from any judgment of the quality of that work) and the energy and enthusiasm to continue that creative work, and to share it with others.
  • Reveal something personal, authentic and meaningful so that the person sharing their story might benefit directly from what is always a courageous and rewarding act.

So, do you have a story you’d like to share?  Use the form below to give us a little background.  Everything we receive is kept on file and when there’s a storyline we’re pursuing for our various content platforms (website, social media, online community… now reaching over 10,000 people directly), we review the personal journeys submitted to find those that can add “texture” message.

Typically we’re looking for 350 to 700 words and love to include photos of you or your work. as well as links to sites where more of your story can be shared.

Thanks again for your interest in our mission and your willingness to share!