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Improving Community Well-Being through the Arts

To address national health concerns, we partner with community-based organizations to develop evidence-based, creative expression programs that help improve personal and public health.

Mental Health & Community Well-Being: An Urgent Area of Focus

Our nation is in a state of significant turmoil and grief. The coronavirus pandemic has disrupted our sense of safety and normalcy, and in less than a year it became the third leading cause of death in America. Amidst these circumstances, we’ve been confronted with devastating killings resulting from systemic racism. These tragedies have been set against unprecedented political and social divisions that have put our communities’ well-being under alarming distress. As a result, Americans are increasingly struggling with anxiety and depression, and isolation and loneliness have grown exponentially.

However, a growing body of research demonstrates that creative expression and the arts offer unparalleled ability to meet this moment and unite people. The arts engage, inspire, and connect us. With evidence-based strategies, we help communities apply public health programs that use creativity and connection to improve health outlooks and outcomes.

Our Work

We promote the arts at national, local, and individual levels to engage people in advocating for its potential to maximize public health and happiness for communities.

National Initiatives

Our initiatives mobilize leading organizations from a diverse range of professions to identify and address societal health issues at scale.

Community Programs

We offer local organizations proven and easily replicable program solutions to improve their community’s well-being.

Individual Inspiration

We provide award-winning art content and creative activities to connect people with tools to help manage and sustain their individual health.

UnLonely Film Festival

Since 2016, our annual UnLonely Film Festival has supported people struggling with loneliness by celebrating the connecting power of storytelling. With over a 100 videos, these award-winning, free short films give a voice to the loneliness epidemic and help viewers feel less alone. This campaign raises awareness of the loneliness epidemic and convenes art, health, media, and policy luminaries to explore effective and sustainable solutions for communities.


Find research studies, articles, media placements, and editorial content that demonstrate how art serves as a catalyst for improved health.

Holiday Activity Starter

Holiday Activity Starter

Contrary to popular belief, happiness during the holiday season ranks at a meager average for most. With expectations high for joy and cheer, we tend to be more impacted by daily annoyances and are disappointed when events don’t go as we imagine. However, research reveals occasional, dramatic jumps in happiness during the holidays that point to a fundamental source: togetherness. Small acts of family traditions, gathering with loved ones, and giving to others multiply happiness many-fold.

It’s Been Quite a Year

It’s Been Quite a Year

Navigating these extraordinary and uncertain times can be challenging to say the least. Through the support of our partners, sponsors, and you, we’re proud to have helped communities when they needed it most by meaningful impacting over 50,000 lives. Now in the spirit of the season, we come to you again.

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