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After her parents passed, Janna takes over the family farm where she lives with her disabled brother.

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What is their why?

“The feelings of shame and guilt regarding the struggle to take care for a disabled loved one or a family member can be very isolating. Many people suffer in silence, because there’s little understanding for these emotions, which often are perceived as selfish or incompetent. With Nest I wanted to shine a light on this subject.”

Liza Koifman studied Production Design at the Dutch Film Academy. After graduation she gravitated towards the fashion industry and started a men’s clothing label with her life partner Tomas Overtoom. After ten years in the fashion business Liza returned to her initial first love, which is film. This time she takes a dive into independent filmmaking as a writer, director and actor. 

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Caregiving is something many of us do in our everyday lives. If you are a caregiver, or are even just trying to be a helpful friend, do you ever find yourself struggling to keep your patience? What are the strategies you use to maintain your balance and boundaries to better support the person you want to assist?

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