Edythe’s Story, Much More Than Another Pretty Face



Edythe Hughes is a New York City-based artist and fashion model.  In this video she shares with us how expressing yourself through art is liberating because, “You are the boss; there are no rules.”  Edythe notes how creative expression has personally helped her through challenging family situations, where doing art with other family members, often without speaking a word, has felt safer and less vulnerable. Watch as she talks about how “having something you are so in control of is powerful.”

Sample Gallery of Edythe Hughes Works


Voices of Fashion

Shortly after moving from Columbus, Ohio and finding success on the runway and in front of the camera, Edythe wanted to expand her horizons into something that would “make a profound difference” in the world.  She observed that other models felt similarly, yearning to extend beyond their physical appearance to share their creativity and artistry to benefit worthwhile causes.

That’s what motivated Edythe to launch the non-profit organization Voices of Fashion, a platform for models and industry friends  to form meaningful connections towards helping others.  Raising awareness and funds for anti-sexual violence and mental health initiatives are among their most recent drives.  You can find out more by visiting the Voices of Fashion website.

The Foundation for Art & Healing