Justice and Equality

Jun 5, 2020

Recent events in Minneapolis and around the country have stripped bare the grim wounds and scars created by centuries of anti-Black violence, discrimination, and marginalization. We join much of the country in being saddened, outraged, and heart-broken by current events. 

It is time to call for an end to police brutality, racial injustice, and systemic racism, as we recognize an urgent need for finding a meaningful path forward towards justice and equality. At the same time, we are exhausted and anxious as we grapple with difficult thoughts and feelings, beset with uncertainty, and struggling to retain hope for resolving the disorders that divide us.

Our organization, The Foundation for Art & Healing, founded in the wake of a different turmoil, the events of 9/11, recognizes the pain and suffering of those whose lives, livelihoods and well-being are imperiled by prejudice and hate. Through images, music, language, and movement, the arts have long been instrumental in healing social wounds; bearing witness, giving voice, and rendering what is often hard to see, impossible to ignore.

We stand in solidarity with Black communities and all those whose courage and compassion leads them to build a better world and pledge to add our own efforts to theirs to find a path forward to enable its creation.

The Foundation for Art & Healing