UnLonely Film Festival 6

In Full Bloom

The surreal manifestation of a black hole within a woman’s home impels an agoraphobic widow to make a difficult choice.

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What is their why?

I wanted this film to encapsulate the intangible feeling of grief and loneliness so many of us share. I hope that people watching it can recognize that experience and not only learn to accept it as part of life but also feel less alone. “

Maegan Houang is a writer/director based in Los Angeles. She recently worked on Season 2 of Counterpart (Starz) as a staff writer. Maegan has also directed several acclaimed music videos for artists such as Mitski, Vagabon, Charly Bliss, and Skylar Spence. Her short film In Full Bloom premiered online on Short of the Week.

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  1. Anonymous

    politics and care taking, both soul sucking

  2. Anonymous

    I was hoping that she would begin a new life . . . but I recognize the urge to disappear.

  3. Samela D

    I have felt those moments when it feels like everything you have is gone. I talked to my Mom on Wednesday and she was fine and on Friday they called me from the hospital to tell me she was dead. I survived. I am now the last living member of my family of origin. Must be a reason I’m still here.

  4. Anonymous

    beautiful metaphor about loss and grief. I am hoping this character found peace.

  5. June

    I feel that there was no one there to draw her out of her dark hole. Perhaps we should focus on how could this could have an alternate ending if there had been someone who helped her move on with her life. A lot of lonely people might feel that this film gave them permission to commit suicide. Who would notice that someone was gone?

  6. Judy

    Recently a friend sent me a statement which helps with these difficult topics of grief. Don’t look back with regret Look forward with hope. I think it speaks to trying to help those around us be hopeful and ourselves.


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