Colors & Connection

Hunter College’s Inaugural Colors & Connection Workshop Bonds Participants Through Artmaking!

April 7, 2023

Two students hold up their artwork at a Colors & Connection workshop at Hunter College

Hunter College in New York City is dedicated to nurturing mental health and fostering connections on campus. Recently, they teamed up with their Art4Healing Club to host their first-ever Colors and Connection workshop. This engaging event utilized color and artistic expression to facilitate discussions around loneliness and encourage a sense of belonging among participants.

Our aim…

The objective was to create an enjoyable and interactive environment for Hunter College students to not only bond with each other but also delve into their own emotions. Additionally, we sought to emphasize the significance of recognizing loneliness as a public health concern.

How did it go?

The workshop showcased the incredible power of color as a means to foster connection and understanding among attendees. During the event, 23 participants created quilted color tiles, sharing words and colors that resonated with them, such as “Resilience,” “Curious,” “Connection,” and “Chaos.” The final two colors, “Multicolored” and “Rainbow,” highlighted the unifying effect that colors can have in a group setting.

The workshop’s impact was further demonstrated as participants, who were strangers at the beginning of the event, began painting each other’s nails with essie polishes after the scheduled activities concluded. Attendees easily grasped the concept of using colors to represent their emotions and were eager to engage with others throughout the workshop.

Six students participate in a Colors & Connection workshop at Hunter College
A quilt of artwork created Two students hold up their artwork at a Colors & Connection workshop at Hunter College

“I was moved to see the power of the final moments of the workshop where participants come together to quilt their color tiles and share words…a testament, I believe, to the merging and integrating effect colors can have in a group workshop designed to create connections.”

Edythe Hughes (facilitator)

Student, Hunter College

Project UnLonely from the Foundation for Art and Healing
essie hands all in to help end loneliness
The Foundation for Art & Healing